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A professional resume is more than just information displayed on a piece of paper; it’s your body of work.  It shows who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, what you have learned along the way, and what you have to offer, etc.  There are actions that one can take to supplement his or her resume into a powerful and competitive resume.  Please find tidbits of information below on ways to provide credibility to your professional resume which can bring you more phone calls and more job offers with a large salary increase.  We’ve also added tips on how to maximize exposure to your professional resume among other helpful tips on building and circulating your professional resume.  Also check out our helpful tips documents located at:

Credit Repair

More and more jobs are demanding that people have a security clearance.  You can be denied a security clearance and a job if you have a poor credit score.  Don’t fret, if you don’t have the perfect credit score, just start working on repairing it today.  This way you won’t have the problem of an offer presenting itself with the caveat that you need to obtain a security clearance.  You can go to to learn more about how you can obtain a free credit report.  Please pull your credit report and score from each credit bureau (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) to know where you stand, if your score is low, visit one of the following websites to start the process of improving your credit score.  This could mean the difference between finding the job of your dreams or not.

Join an Association

Joining an association is the perfect way to network while gaining knowledge in your area of expertise.  You can also display these membership affiliations on your professional resume which can provide employers with a sense of confidence in knowing that they’re hiring someone who not only has experience and education, but has the initiative to continue learning and networking to grow as an individual.  Check out some of the links below and research what association you think would be best for your line of work.  Don’t forget to display your membership information on your professional resume.  Also if you can, attend the workshops or annual conferences most associations organized at least once a year.

Know Your Worth, So You Can Get What You Deserve

It’s really important for you to research your position online.  Find out what others are doing in your position so you can assess whether you are doing more outside your line of work or less.  You may find that you are doing the job of two or three different positions.  It’s important for you to take inventory of what you are doing so you can accurately document everything on your resume and so you can get what you’ve worked hard for and the money you deserve.   Also the exercise will be great for when it’s time to submit your annual review if you are already working at a job and just looking for other opportunities.  Take the time to visit some of these websites listed below and figure out what you should be making.  Maybe you are already making what you feel you should and that is great, but if you feel you’ve been slighted, then do the research so you can stand firm in your convictions when asking for your annual salary.  These online programs should be able to tell you an average, high, and low of what people like you are making with your experience, education, and location.

You Should Submit Your Resume to the Following Recruiters

Not only should you have your resume on all the popular job boards, but you should submit them to the entire list of popular temp to perm agencies. Take a look and develop a checklist to send your professional resume to at least 20 temp to perm agencies or more.

You Should Have a Profile on the Following Job Boards

A job seeker should have at the very least, a profile on each of the following job boards.  Make sure to have more than one email account, so you can open up more accounts on these job boards and post different varieties of your professional resume so that you can get maximum exposure.  In addition to the following job boards, make sure to post your professional resume on your local metropolitan newspaper website.

Networking is a Powerful Tool for Job Searching

Some people may dread the idea of appearing on social media, but there just isn’t a way around this important networking tool.  A job seeker should at the very least have a professional account with the following online social tools.  The operative word here is “professional” because you don’t want anything too risqué that it might cost you a job offer.  Just have an account for professional use and one for personal use if possible.

Know Your Ideal Salary Requirements Inside and Out for Negotiation Purposes

It’s important to know ahead of time and prior to going on interviews and before discussing your salary requirements what you will accept and what you will not.  Please don’t wait until the last minute to figure out the most important part of a job, i.e. your salary.  Go to the following sites and key in some idea numbers of what you feel you are worth and expect to get.  Keep the lowest and the highest hourly and annual rate you will accept handy, so you will have it when you are offered a position.  Always ask for 10k-15k more than the salary you want so you can land where you need to be.  In addition, be able to explain why you feel you deserve the salary you want in case you’re asked.  Don’t be pressured into revealing your last salary, especially if it’s much lower than what you made at your last job and what you’re requesting.  Always ask a potential recruiter or HR for the salary range of a position of interest so you don’t waste your valuable time.

Supplement Your Professional Resume with a Degree, Diploma, or Certification

It’s never too late to get your education.  Even if you can start part time while you work full time, that’s okay.  The fact that you are pursuing higher education is impressive to potential employers.  You can document that on your professional resume while you pursue your degree or certification.  It can make a huge difference on the job offers you receive.

Make Sure You Dress to Impress on Your Interview

It’s extremely important to dress to impress for an in person interview or a virtual interview as well.  When a job seeker is called for an interview, chances are, he / she has  done the work of presenting himself or herself correct on paper, so an in person interview is the time to present yourself right in person, back up all your accolades on paper with your amazing personality, substance, and debt, and close the deal.  An interviewee should err on the side of caution always when picking an outfit for an interview.  Check out some of the links below if you are wondering what the perfect outfit is to where to an interview.